Mortality is the condition of being mortal, or susceptible to death; the opposite of immortality.

Every day I try to read the new postings that appear on my blog roll. There are the usual ones that post almost everyday and then there are ones that post only once a week. Slowly I have noticed ones that I used to read have fallen to the bottom of the roll...where did they go? Why did they stop writing?

I don't think of anyone as being immortal, eventually we must all cease to exist. I do take for granted that the blogs I read will post, that when I wake up and scroll through my i-phone there will be something there to read. But what if they just stopped? What if they never posted again?

Most of us have never met or even seen a photo of one another. We would like to think because we read about each other that we have insight into our day to day lives but really they are just words on a page. We use our imaginations to try to figure out what kind of person that he or she would be or what they would look like.

We take for granted that their posts will be there, but what if they (you or I) experienced mortality...where would we send the flowers?


  1. I've actually thought about this before. Not just for blogger, but my life in general.

    I want to set up a series of shorts messages for specific areas of my life, along with how to access said places (the ones that are online at least).

    Then give to a trusted friend or loved one to keep, just in case. In various journals I kept when I was younger, I wrote good bye messages to friends and family members if god forbid something would have ever happened to me.

    I learned the lesson of morality at an early age. I have no desire to leave anyone I care about with those kind of questions, including those here in bloggerland.

  2. Kind of a morbid thought, but you raise some good points. In the short time I've been blogging I've already noticed that some just never post anymore.


  3. Good questions.

    i've worried about bloggers before when they disappear. Been relieved to hear from them again.

    For what it's worth, i'm fb friends with a few bloggers ~ if i get hit by a bus tomorrow, i'll ask them to make sure they post that i got hit by a bus, ok?

    How will we know if something were to happen to you?



  4. This is something that has been on my mind as well.

    Even though it is the written word it touches your life and becomes a part of it.

    Often I tried to come up with a way to let people know if something has happened to me in the cyber world that I communicate with.

    Like you say even though many have not met we are all part of a community.

  5. I wonder this a lot about bloggers and any distant yet close friends. I did my best to let everyone know before I left my first blog for this very reason you describe, the connections made in this blog community were real and meaningful to me. It's a huge reason I wanted to blog again. Of course giving notice is not always possible.

  6. Yes bloggers come and go and yet this is one place I truly believe in reincarnation.


  7. Blogger needs a "like" button like FB. Yes, mouse has wondered the same thing. Especially when there's no warning whatsoever and suddenly you find the blog has been removed.


  8. Something I have pondered too - just make sure you don't flutterbye without letting us all know :)

  9. Some of the blogs on your list have changed URL's, like mine. Subtypical is now found at http://sub-typical.blogspot.com/

    Also, I don't write as often anymore due to work, college and a much busier life.

    I still read a number of blogs, yours included. I've always enjoyed it.

    Thanks for keeping the blogosphere going!


  10. I'm sorry a fell off the blog map. Thank you for checking up on me. <3

  11. i hear you dear butterfly. i have slacked off a bit myself due to life getting in the way, but i so enjoy reading your blog and others as well and when you don't post regularly, i sometimes get withdrawals (lol).

    i simply love reading your blogs, so please never stop!



  12. I have no plans to go anywhere, so thank you to each of you for your comments. This had more to do with losing a friend.
    hugs and smiles to you all!