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I don't know if this is a good club to be in...but I got hit by Anon, the anonymous commenter. So going forward my comments will be approved by me. Which is disappointing because I am all for no content warning page or word verification, I find it annoying. Which is why I did away with it on my page, I prefer instant gratification.

Unfortunately with all that freedom comes great responsibility, apparently too much for some people to handle. So I must step in (like the government) and hold your hand and treat you all like children. The rest of you that know how act at the table are just going to have to suck it up suffer. At least when you leave your comments you will know that I am reading each and everyone before I publish them. 


  1. It's sad that some can't have respect for others and have to do things like that. While everyone may not agree with all that one thinks or says it leaves room for open discussion and intelligent conversation. That also leaves room for looking at ideas from a different point of view and can be used as a growing experience.

    Sorry you had this happen.

  2. You're so not alone...not that I'm glad it happened to you, too, but at least I know it's not just me. Your followers/readers won't mind, at least the ones that really matter:)!


  3. Southern Sir thank you for your kind words.

    Kitty, I am sorry you had to experience it also.

    Thanks for understanding.

  4. What? Your keys are typing but I can't read you. You're going to give oral sex to us all? Great! Count me in! Oh wait...that's not what you said. You said someone blew it for us all. All I saw was "blew" and I got lost in the thought. LOL! Sorry you have had to deal with that. Hopefully the anon will go away and let you blog in peace.


  5. LOL DV!!

    Butterfly - Its sad that the anon poster feels good about themselves by tearing other people down. Moderate your comments. They will leave you alone and move I to another unsuspecting blogger (unfortunately).

    I moderate my comments because, like you and Kitty I had some rather nasty comments.

    I don't mind differing opinions and points if view but if anon is attacking you personally, that's a whole other issue.

    Sorry you have to now moderate your comments. Like Kitty said, your regular readers won't mind :)

    Take care. Sky

  6. I have suffered the stupidity of possibly a couple of them. With out signing it, I don't know if it was just one or more that attacked me. Fortunately they quickly got bored when I no longer responded to them.


  7. We should start an anonymous commenter club. Ya, been hit....and not in a good, squirmy kinda way, more times than mouse cares to admit. Totally all for freedom of speech, but yanno...haters gotta hate.


  8. I had to moderate, too.

    It sucks, but, well...there will be children stuck in adult bodies.

    It's sad, but true.

  9. Sorry you got hit by Anon too, although (laughing) I'm starting to feel like getting hit means you're in the cool kids club...

    But particularly sorry you have to moderate comments. At least that keeps him/her moving, right?


  10. DV (RAD) you have definately missed your calling as a comedian - you crack me up!!

    Sky you are right, I have no problems with different points of view. In fact I welcome it, what I don't want is someone attacking me for my thoughts.

    William & Jen I feel your pain, thank you.

    Omega & Mouse maybe we should design some sort of award picture that we can post on our blogs, lol.

    Aisha, bob and weave.