Matchmaker Again

My last six degrees of separation brought together two very special people who are exploring with each other, a rare find indeed. So I when I was asked to try again, I thought those who can't do, if I can't find my one at least somebody else can. So my friends reach into your bag of tricks and see if you can help with this match.

Dominant Man Wanted:

I have a friend looking for a Dom who holds the key to her heart.

She is a beautiful, confident, sexual submissive woman in search of a Dominant man for a monogamous relationship (so no married men). She has limited experience, only the knowledge that she will be complete with this type of dynamic. She needs someone she can give herself completely too without fear.

"To find the One that fits, you must find an initial connection, build a trust and relationship that is not built from the interactions of a Dominant and submissive".
- Erospainter
Long distance is a good beginning but eventually she wants to be with that person, so relocation for either party will be a must. He will be more of sensual Dom than sadistic, he will be 30's to late 40's, tall, educated, secure with his position in life. He will want to build trust while moving forward into a D's relationship, he will be protective and caring.

Remember the rules: no submitting until he takes the time to get to know you. A Dom who doesn't take the time to get to know you isn't really going to be able to take the control you are offering unless he know what makes you tick. As always Dom's work pretty fast, so keep in mind there is no timetable. Also: because this is a sub, you must have references, or I already know you - in other words you must be able to prove who you are.

If you are a Dominant Man interested in meeting a submissive woman or if you are even curious, please contact me through email or post a comment (that will be kept confidential and NOT published).

If you know someone who might be interested then tell friend. Life is short lets help each other out.


  1. I hope your friend is able to connect with a nice Dom. :) Sky

  2. It sounds like you may have a new career. Kinky Matchmaker...grins.

    Good luck to your friend...


  3. the conditions you have set for would be suitors appear to be sound and reasonable . . . it's good to see people helping each other find (hopefully) love in a safe and sane manner . . . it warms an old man's heart!

    all too often in today's BDSM community I see an emphasis on "playing" and on having a number of play partners . . .

    as you and your friend already realize . . . nothing truly deep usually comes of shallow play or submission . . .