When you cup her face in your hands and she looks at you dream­ily through half-​lidded eyes…
When her rapid, shal­low breaths have taken on a sweet tinge and her half-​parted lips are dry because she for­gets to wet them…
When there are red embers of under­stand­ing reflect­ing in her eyes but the fire is burn­ing in her body and in her heart…
When she sur­ren­ders so deeply that you know in your mind and your soul that she will do any­thing, any­thing, for you…
And all you want right then and there, is to kiss her.
When you can have any­thing, when she will give you every­thing, and there is noth­ing you want more than to
reach a fin­ger in her mouth to wet it and paint her lips to moisten them, when the answer to the burn­ing need inside you is to lick those lips…
When she sur­ren­ders so deeply that she for­gets to kiss back and you lick her lips, devour her lips, bite her lips,
and she gazes back uncom­pre­hend­ingly;
when you match your breath­ing to hers so that you take in her sweet breath…
When the only rea­son her knees haven’t buck­led under her is that she has for­got­ten to fall;
when the only rea­son she is still stand­ing is that you haven’t given her per­mis­sion to crum­ble…
When she is sac­ri­fic­ing her body on the altar of your desire and all you have to do is to reach out and take it all, when you can be as self­ish as you want, and the most self­ish thing you can think of is
to kiss her…
When you want noth­ing more, and noth­ing less, than to kiss her; when kiss­ing her is the answer to every fuck­ing scream in your body…
Then you real­ize that every­thing you thought you knew about your­self, and the power of a sub­mis­sive woman, isn’t worth a crap.

-Dreamwalker Sadistic Poet


  1. Very powerful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. thank you :)
    that is beautiful!

  3. Lovely. Thank you for sharing :)

    Take care. Sky

  4. Yes he is a very talented poet, so I thought I would share the ones that I enjoyed.
    Thanks for your comments :)

  5. Amazing! i love it when you find the most extraordinary things and post them, knowing it will touch the lives of your followers, as it touched you and you feel the need to have others feel what you feel. Thank you for sharing this, it is just so beautiful!