Resolution: a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's Day.

Every year New Years Resolutions are made and broken (not by me of course, I'm perfect LMAO). So this year I'm not making any (stomping my foot down, like a two year old). This year I am going to make a promise to myself, I am going to get that tattoo I have wanted since I started this journey last year.

My friend sent me this picture and it reminded me that I still wanted a tattoo. For over a year I kept going back and forth about what I wanted but now I have decided I want the butterfly. He said "that the back of my neck would be a good place, somewhere only I know about it and it would be a symbol of me and who I was as a submissive". He gave me permission (rolling my eyes, giggle)  to steal his idea. Such a wise and knowing man (yes I'm flattering you, lol).

So my resolution promise to myself is to make sure I get this tattoo done.

I wish a Happy New Year to all. May the new year bring you prosperity and happiness in your life!!

I read this on FetLife and I wanted to share it: written by celticfirestorm

May this new year bring you all the things you want it to be.
May you choose more wisely than before. May you think, before you act.
May you let others really know, you love them,before it is too late.
May you forgive, and make up your differences.
May you find the good in others ,and overlook their faults, as we are all imperfect.
May you find the rough diamond and keep it, polish it, but stop looking for stones.
Appreciate what you do have, instead of complaining what you don't have.
May you spend wisely and save when you can.
Help and give to those less fortunate, even if it is just your time.
May you grow mentally and spiritually, for wisdom is ageless and never ending.
May you find or make a new friend and cherish them as you would all other friends.
May you "pay it forward" and do something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return.
May you take your time in deciding important matters, keeping eyes wide open for all possibilities.
May you consider your words carefully, before you open your mouth, as once said, they can not be taken back.

Thank you celticfirestorm very wise words - Happy New Year may we all be a little better than the year before.


  1. Happy New Year, butterfly!!

    I wish every good thing for you in the comin year and I can't wait for you to show us your gorgeous tattoo!

    Take care. Sky

  2. Happy New Year sbf. Getting a submissive tattoo sounds like one of the better resolutions! :)

  3. Same to you:) What a wonderful new year's writing, thanks for sharing.

  4. The last NY resolution I made was 5 or six years ago and it was to not make any more NY's resolutions. It is the one resolution I have kept.

    Happy New Years to you and yours, may it be healthy and happy and full of blessings.

  5. Oh, almost forgot, I like the idea of the tattoo, you should get it. :-)

  6. Tattoo!! love the idea! which reminds me I need to fix mine..Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for the post! love it

  7. I like your resolution to get the butterfly tattoo:).


    P.S. Also, your other resolutions were great, especially the one about doing something without expecting anything in return. That's one I need to work on.

  8. i'm glad you're doing something for yourself that's important to you!!!

    And thanks for sharing the poem - that's beautiful.



  9. Where o where did you find that wonderful picture. ;) I for one like the tattoo idea, now stop rolling your eyes at me. :)