The Good Stuff

So my "friend" read my last post and asked me "What's with you and these guys?!?!  Are you just automatically attracted to losers?  Are losers attracted to you?  What is it?!?!  LOL!".

Ouch!?  He said he was trying to be funny. Really I don't post all my encounters on here, just the really outrageous ones. There are others that have passed through that weren't worth mentioning and some that were special and I choose to keep them to myself. You guys only get the really "special" ones and they usually turn out to be losers. Case in point, lol.

I looked this morning and I couldn't find the post but over the holiday this guy, who I never met and never spoke to in person, sent me an email. Mind you this hasn't been altered other than removing his name & phone number.

"Hi I like to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I can't stop thinking about you, but I remember that you wanted to have a  DOMINANT man in your life, and I wonder if you ever found what you were looking for. I know that I can make you  a very  happy woman. I promise you  we  will click if you give it a try!!  A strong connection for good friendship and romantic relationship. if you are interested in a COMBINATION OF A ROOMMATE, LOVER,  AND YOUR BEST  FRIEND TO SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH. THAT WILL  PAMPER YOU AND TRULY LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. "

After the new year began he sent another, now I never answered the other one and when we originally corresponded I told him we weren't a match. It was the roommate part of his original email that I didn't want to have anything to do with. There is something about a guy who says he will relocate before he even gets to know you, kind of creepy.

"are really SUBMISSIVE mature woman  who still have a healthy sexual appetite, you really love  SEX  you definitely my kind of girl, then you need a real man who will respect you, and make a happy woman. I promise you  we  will clickif you give it a try!!   I would love to eat your sweet  PUSSY  suck  your nipples, and kiss you all over. with  A strong connection for good friendship and romantic relationship. if you are interested in a COMBINATION OF A ROOMMATE, LOVER,  AND YOUR BEST  FRIEND TO SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH,   we definitely should talk.  honestly I need only one honest woman like you. to share my life with.little about me, I am not perfect, I am divorced, retired, white male, honest, loyal, non smoker, no criminal record, disease free, very passionate, one woman man  with a heart of gold. who can offer a lot to one sincere woman. I am not interested in your weight or the size of your  BRA  or one night stand, just your personality. if you earn my trust, then you won my heart. because TRUST COMMUNICATION. COMPROMISE, and respect of each others opinion, is a must. for a companionship that based on total respect. if you really looking for decent man for a long term healthy monogamous relationship, not for a fling or one night stand  to truly love you. TALK TO ME.  (insert phone number)  let's get acquainted, you won't be disappointed. No games and No regrets

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. but A dream you dream together is reality."
We all have dreams and desires. Why shouldn't they become reality? By the way, it will feel right. only if we make it happened!"

Now come on, do you really think I could pass up sharing this gem, lol! These are the little things that make me giggle.


  1. Oh no come on, butterfly!! I'd have him on speed dial!!

    OMG he is one creepy man! Run butterfly run!!

    I love the gems you choose to share with us. I was laughing when I read this one. :)

    Fondly. Sky

  2. Well if you don't want him....LOL

    He does try to come across as a little to convincing.

    Just don't give up, you never know when that right person will step into your life.

  3. I got the feeling that the guy's first language was NOT English, but even still, it was pretty funny:)!


  4. ...and we get to giggle too!


  5. LOL.... Yay for roommates, lovers and friends! :)

  6. I have a "roommate". Let me tell you how wonderful that is...NOT!!! Well ok, maybe if we through in the lovers and sex part it might be better. Or maybe if we had thrown that in years ago, then we wouldn't just be roommates now. Anyway...I digress! You do find some real special people to email. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    This begs the question...Do all women on sites like CM receive emails like this?


  7. love it sbf...but at least he put the effort in...laughs...where do you get them from!!!.

    blossom x

  8. Thanks for sharing. Guys like him give men a bad name.