After getting advice from RAD (rent a Dom) on what to say, I wrote to a guy whose picture and profile I had seen many times online. I thought he was handsome and seemed to have a good personality (from what you can tell from a profile).

So my RAD said "You might try a little humor, which I know you can do, a little about yourself and what caught your attention about him to make you want to send him a message.  Not too short, but not too long.  Just enough to catch his attention, give some preliminary information, and leave it in his court to reply, tell a bit about himself, and then you can begin to get more specific in further emails, if you both still are interested".

OK good advice, since I don't typically reach out to men. So I wrote a cute, not to long introduction (gaining a new respect for men who have to put together these first emails).

He wrote back immediately that he was interested, good. So I wrote back again and then I didn't hear from him which was strange but I didn't think to much about it. When I was checking my outgoing mail on CM I noticed that the email had been sent twice and one had a picture attached. A picture of a man I had never seen before. I contacted CM and I think my account was hacked - Ahhh!

So I wrote to the guy and explained the situation, apologized and gave him my personal email address. He was very understanding, blah blah blah. So in one of his emails he wrote that "he wasn't sure how he felt about my wanting a tattoo", (butterfly on the back of my neck, representing me as a submissive).

Well then, I told him and sent him, a picture of the one I already have on my ankle. I told him it represented me and my kids, something I did for myself. His response was "I don't know how I feel, I will have to think about it". REJECTED!!

I told him I understood and wished him luck with his search. I have to respect his feelings because I have been on the other end with guys who have a ton of tattoos.

RAD said, "Oh well, if he was that concerned about something little like that then he isn't for you anyway". My sub friend says "NEXT", lol!


  1. Yep. If he's that picky, it's a no-go anyhow. And "NEXT" is just about right.

    My fingers are crossed for you. He's there.


  2. Not that there's anything wrong with your tattoos...there's not, but some men just don't like women to have any. Good luck finding the right Dom for you!


    P.S. I think your butterfly idea is nice!

  3. Your prince is waiting for his princess!

    I like that you're utilizing RAD!! I might need to find one of those lol

    Keep smiling. You have do much to offer the right Dom. He wint mind your tattoo(s). In fact, he'll love them! Stay true to who you are. :)

    Fondly. Sky

  4. From the Dom point of view, or at least mine lol, I have no issue with small tattoos or in moderation. Especially like the one you have and the one you are wanting. Typically those aren't where they can easily be seen anyway. Oh well, his loss! At least RAD gave you some great advice on sending the first message. :) as the saying goes...NEXT!!!


  5. Oh weren't were SAVED!!!''fucking bastard...what, he expects physical perfection?

    better to find someone who cares a lot more about what makes you tick, than about something as simple as a tattoo.

    Dumb fuck.

    *shakes head*

    if only the *finding* part wasn't so hard.

    Hugs and whammies...


  6. SBF, the only shake of My head I did on this post was to the word rejected. You weren't rejected, in hindsight you were set free once again to go forth and find the one for you. Tattoos are rather a selective like or dislike. I have quite a few, kitten has none. She would like one only to be told by Me to hold on for a bit before getting one in order to be sure it's the one she wants. Personally, I love tats but also have a selection areas on a sub/woman which I enjoy seeing. The nape of the neck, very sexy, calves always a nice place, the tramp stamp area, yummmmmm, lol, breasts, good to go. I guess it's a matter of likes, dislikes. Your tat is wonderful, your planned tat is in My minds eye a thing of beauty and a representation of the woman/submissive who bears it. Stay the course and never feel rejected, there are many who appreciate a fine bit of skin art. xo Sir W for kitten