Taking care of business

Life has been busy and I haven't had much time for myself but I felt like I needed to write so here is a snippet of one of the guys that have come across my radar lately.

My girlfriend is on Match.com and she told me that this time she is going to at least make an effort. Every week she is going to email at least one man to let him know she is interested. I love my friend and I want her to find a companion that treats her well, she deserves it. So I thought what a great idea, now my first attempt didn't go well but you know when you fall down, get the f back up and try again.

Oh and I know that the anti-tattoo guy did me a favor by letting me know so early on. The reason I said rejected was because this was one of the first times I had initiated first contact - like on Star Trek, ha ha. So not to be deterred I saw a guy on FL and I initiated a conversation. Well I wouldn't say it was a conversation, I asked his opinion about where to get a tattoo (because he was local and had a picture of just his tattoo), he replied and then said "we have to talk". I flirted back, "did he want to talk about the weather, sports, politics?" He replied "funny" and I said "thank you." (waiting patiently for him to get to the point)

 He replied again with "we have to talk" and I said "well for a guy who wants to talk you haven't said much. I am a straight forward kind of gal please tell me what you want to talk about because I don't read minds :)" (my usual sassy self).

I should mention that on his profile he was looking for a slave and he liked some of the aspects of Gor, which I don't know a lot about.

Now this was his reply...

"ok that's one NEG all subs need to read minds LOL
I wanted to know more about what your into I saw your CM profile told me a bit more then here so what are you looking for and what are you into".

I get that question all the time, even though in my profile it says clearly I am looking for someone who wants to get to know me before they ask my sexual preferences (just funny that way). So I reply with what I am looking for, vanilla & D's blah blah blah. His reply "and".

I said, "well I'm not going to go into what I'm into but I will tell you that I'm not a slave I am a sub. Then I said that I had been rude and not asked him what he was looking for."

He wrote back "sorry i don't think your for me no place have I ask for sex or any sexual questions i didn't offer to play with you i did ask to know about you and what you were looking for and what you were into. maybe your not used to people like me REAL i had a 2 year D.s relationship and never had sex sex is a very small part if and of the lifestyle ............ anyway you didn't seem to read what I said you only saw what you wanted to ........ i truly hope you find what your looking for but i don't think it's me."

(scratching my head) My first thought is always that I messed up, so my brain went into analyze mode (wait am I ever out of analyze mode? lol). I went back and looked at the conversation because I thought maybe I had answered the question wrong or misread what he wrote... nope.

I think if I really had answered the question wrong he should have made it clearer. I think he was looking for a slave and I didn't fit that, which is alright just be a man and say that, don't blame me. Another one who did me a favor because clearly there were some communication issues.

Lesson learned here??? ask for clarification, stop talking about my damn tattoo, lol I don't know.
Just a girl taking care of business and trying to figure it all out.

PS I just got this ap for my phone called 7Words - super addicting!!


  1. The way I always look at online conversations is to think of talking face to face. Some of them it's like watching paint dry!! Can you imagine being across a table from them lol.

    It sure sounded like he wanted a slave and when you said you weren't one, he chose to cut off conversation. His loss. NEXT!!

    Fondly. Sky

  2. Ya gotta kiss a lotta frogs... thank goodness not literally!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. There's a zillion of them out there, one of them has your name on him.


  3. Hi sbf - what a clot. But don't let it put you off making the first move. We don't go to the supermarket and wait for things to jump into our baskets,do we? That way we would end up with a lot of rice pudding - don't know about you but I hate rice pudding. Deep breath and move on. Alice x

  4. You know my opinion about guys like this! So, I just have one thing to say...NEXT!!! :)


  5. isnt it interesting how much you can gain from a conversation sbf...lol not much lately, but it will happen for you i am sure of it.

    blossom x