Leap of Kilts

This post started out as a wholesome description of leap year and somewhere along the way turned into the men with kilts post - what a leap! hahaha

Why do we need leap year?

The Gregorian calendar, which now serves as the standard calendar for civil use throughout the world, has both common years and leap years. A common year has 365 days and a leap year 366 days, with the extra, or intercalary, day designated as February 29. A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit about the sun, which is about 365¼ days.
The length of the solar year, however, is slightly less than 365¼ days—by about 11 minutes. To compensate for this discrepancy, the leap year is omitted three times every four hundred years.
In other words, a century year cannot be a leap year unless it is divisible by 400. Thus 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, but 1600, 2000, and 2400 are leap years.

Egyptians were the first people to add a leap day every four years. However, the Romans were the first to choose February 29th as the official date.

According to English law, February 29th was ignored and had no legal status. So a crime on the day is no crime at all.

Leap Year has been the traditional time that women can propose marriage.

There is a Greek superstition that claims couples have bad luck if they marry during a leap year.

A law once existed in Scotland forbidding a man to refuse a proposal made to him on February 29th. - Show me what's under that skirt Mr. Bond.

The Olive Tree

A confused sub came before a wise Master who adored her.

She felt that to submit to Him would mean she would open her heart to unbearable pain should He ever leave her. She hungered for Him and needed Him, but was ready to walk away in panic.

The gentle Master knelt her before Him and started a tale of love and devotion. As she looked up at Him, His arms began to widen and open like a large tree stretches it's branches to the sky. At that moment the Master appeared rooted to the floor and His impressive size towered above her like a giant tree. Then he began to speak.....
I'm here for you...now and always no matter how far time and space takes us...Whether you walk away from Me today or you stay and serve Me, I will not turn from you. I am as patient as time itself, I will take not from you unless you give freely and completely of yourself, but I give onto you regardless..for My love is unconditional...
Like the olive tree that can both feed you and shade you, I am there seemingly eternal to your short life on this earth. If you need My fruit to feed your hunger, I will give you all the fruit you need. If your skin grows dry and loses its luster, the oil from My fruit will restore it and make it glisten.

When you need comfort, My leaves will gently caress your face with the slightest breeze. When you need discipline, My branches will correct you when the wind blows strong. If you just need My shade to protect you from the sun, My branches will shade and protect you. If you need warmth at the night My fallen branches will fuel the fire to keep you warm and safe.. If you need a refreshing breeze, My leaves will fan you and cool you down. You are my gardener.

When you submit to Me, you tend that which keeps Me vibrant and full of life. When you kneel under Me and till the soil, you give breath to My roots. When you water Me, My sap flows strong through Me raising my limping Branches. When you soil yourself collecting fertilizer with your bare hands, you strengthen and humble Me with your devotion.

Although My life will go on, life would not be the same without you.
Your dedication and unconditional care for Me keeps Me vibrant and nurtures My very core. The sustenance and protection I give you seems little reward for your servitude. Still the gardener serves the tree from her heart and the tree gives to her heart all the He can!

I am planted firmly on the ground and cannot follow you if you walk away from Me...But be assured I will survive. One hundred years later and two of your lifetimes; I will still be there, waiting for you in the same spot to offer you all that I do now.

Stay with me and be my gardener. You cannot get lost in Me for we are complementary to each other. I am your devotion, and you give meaning to my existence. Apart we live life and survive; together we bloom eternally!

....As the Master finished His last words, the sub cried herself to sleep at His feet. That night, He stood planted there like the Olive Tree offering her  His unconditional love and protection as she slept. As she would tend to Him with her devotion the next day...and everyday thereafter!

Author unknown

Today is about Women

Bloggers United for Human Rights is a community of bloggers dedicated to the principle that all human rights are inalienable. Not to be voted, or debated, or negotiated. Blog with us on 2/15 to support Women’s Reproductive Rights.

Today's post is not about sexy pictures and silly stories. Today is about a Women's Reproductive Rights. My rights, My daughters rights, My friends rights and the rights of the future women.

This is not about whether I want to have an abortion, it is about the right to make my own choices, for my body.

My cousin went to the doctor to have some hemorrhoids removed. The doctor didn't tell him he had to wait to decide. He didn't tell him he needed to have a sonogram to see it before the procedure. He didn't tell him he would have to sit through a presentation to decide whether to have them removed. He didn't tell him that he couldn't perform the procedure because it was illegal. He didn't tell him he would have to travel to another state or country for the procedure. He simply scheduled the procedure and the doctor performed it, because it was what they both decided was necessary of him.

I have two children and have never had an abortion but I have always said that if I chose to, for my own reasons, I definitely would without hesitation. I would also encourage my daughter or friend if that is what they wanted. I believe that I should have the last say in what procedures are done to my body and not someone from the government or church.

I believe a woman has a right to chose for herself. Here are some links of others who are fighting to preserve my right to chose, each in their own way. What are you going to do?

OBOS provides clear, truthful information about health, sexuality and reproduction from a feminist and consumer perspective. We vigorously advocate for women's health by challenging the institutions and systems that block women from full control over our bodies and devalue our lives.

 Our Silver Ribbon, Silver Ribbon campaign to trust women, for reproductive rights and justice

Reproductive Rights Prof Blog A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network

NARAL Pro-Choice America  We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we protect a woman's right to choose

Trust Women and Change the World The organization was formed to protect physicians – his colleagues – who are continuing on in his footsteps, and to work in states that have been neglected, to our detriment, by pro-woman organizations due to the overwhelming anti-choice environment within those states.


Vanilla gone...insane

I like to save these really great responses just for you guys. This one was from a vanilla guy whose profile didn't match up with mine (negative comments) and who I didn't find attractive. What can I say it happens but I always try to be gracious and say something kind and generic. Its not my fault that he decide to drive over the edge. But then again I do love reading these (giggle) a little too much.

Okie dokie...
I guess good-looking, well mannered men who know what they like are not you're type..
Honestly... I was not really THAT interested, but I figured I'd try to throw ya a bone...
You're just going on looks...
Lol... Ok, whatever...
Did male and female roles change over the past 20 years...
It seems as if women are only going by looks and men are looking for actual DEPTH in a woman..
There are NO women actually looking for an LTR on this site..
They are ALL looking for free dinners, one night stands and sugar daddies..
I give up on this site. To many ignorant, uncaring, non-intelligent, free loading, self-absorbed, "my SHlT don't stink", think their God's gift to the world, finicky, flaky, wanna-be-but-will-never-be-swimsuit model, materialistic, wouldn't know a good man if he came and bit them on the neck, women on here..
They are all looking for the 30 y/o, never married, millionaire, Antonio Banderas looking, Adonis while they're 40ish, divorced (because they think they can still get away with SHlT they used to pull when they were 20ish, hot and single) with three kids....
I'm NOT saying that's YOU.. Just the vibe I get from 99.999% of the women on here..
P.S. I've worked REALLY hard (starting from almost NOTHING) to get where I am today...
(3 bedroom home which I own, Maserati, Harley, etc)
Oh well.. Perfect guy here and you are going on looks alone..
(prepared to be alone for a looooong time)
Damn why did I say no...I could have had it all.

Sadly this is the last  treasure in my in-box, so you will just have to hear about boring stuff, lol.

Dating Yoda

This was from my D/s profile. This man read my profile and felt he needed to help me, because he said my wording was threatening. By threatening he meant that I asked for a picture and that if they couldn't provide one then I would chose not to answer.

Dating Yoda: "You might include that you're shallow, superficial and manipulative too, then we would have the whole story, but of course men know this otherwise your profile wouldn't be up for as long as it has been......."

Note - this guy has written me before but I chose to ignore it, but this time I waiting to get my oiled changed and really staring at the people in the waiting area had gotten old, so I decided to play (giggle).

Me: "You don't even know me, why are you so cruel?"

Dating Yoda: "I'm not cruel at all but as I said men do not like women who are shallow, superficial or manipulative of which you are. When you try to make somebody do something by threatening a certain action you're manipulative, and you can give me every excuse in the world because I have heard them all, but men hate this kind of behavior, written and real."

Me: "But why do you care? Why are you commenting on women's profiles?"

Dating Yoda: "You're looking for a man, I'm a man, so I read your profile and of course somewhere near the bottom you have this little threat about submitting a picture. Since it is you doing the looking, and I might be doing the responding, and I base whether I respond or not on what you have to say about yourself and your appearance, it irritates me to the point, since this is an open forum, that when you play games like this, I am going to say something if I don't like it. So not only are you shallow, superficial, and manipulative, but you can't take constructive criticism, you're never wrong, and you can't understand logic or common sense. I would say you wouldn't be high on my want list,and you won't be on another man's list either."

Me: "If a respondent choses not to send a picture then I am letting them know that I will be choosing not to reply.
The point of the profile is not to appeal to everyone, it's to appeal to someone who connects with you. Not everyone is a match."

Dating Yoda: "It is you doing the looking you do the providing. We don't come on here looking to abide to rules, or be manipulated into doing something.We respond based on what you say about yourself and your appearance. It makes absolutely no sense to respond to an ad without seeing who it is that I am responding to. I totally agree on your point as to connecting with each other, and that not everybody is suitable for the other, but I would never, and most men thatI know and talk to about this, abide by a threat that if I don't send a picture you're not responding. On that alone, whatever good there might be about you, and I am sure there is plenty, it would and did kill any want to be with you. I can tell you for sure that any man with intelligence and class will go right by this ad with that kind of manipulation in your writing. Those that do abide by what you wrote are wimps or like to be dominated, and maybe you are a dominant personality, I don't know."

Me: "I have enjoyed your judgmental remarks (leaving me no reason to wonder why you are always on-line looking), thank you for the giggle"

Note: Oil change was done and so was I.

Dating Yoda: "'Im not always on-line looking, if I really wanted to look I would put my own ad in, but it is not hard to be amused by stupid women like you who claim you have all this good about yourselves, and it turns out that you are just blobs looking for a free ride, with no understanding of men, no want to understand men, and then blaming the world for your problems. Giggle all you want my dear, you're alone, I'm not. My girlfriend is actually right here watching as we, you and me, have gone through this little charade. Ta ta......" 

Ladies calm down, he's mine LMAO! RAD (Rent a Dom) you better watch out somebody is moving in on your territory.

Hey Bitch

As promised...

I received this message in reply to a D/s website profile I have. The first version, isn't horrible and I would have responded to it because...well because I don't like to judge to quickly.

 "If you have any idea that you and I are not meant to be together you don't need to respond.  I am manly and seven feet tall.  The best introduction a real manly man need to offer his woman is security.  There is nothing better then a dance partner who knows how to lead.  It might be tricky to dance with a seven footer but those are the risks a woman must consider." 

This is the actual response I received.

"Hey Bitch,
     If you have any idea that you and I are not meant to be together you don't need to respond.  I am manly and seven feet tall.  The best introduction a real manly man need to offer his woman is security.  There is nothing better then a dance partner who knows how to lead.  It might be tricky to dance with a seven footer but those are the risks a woman must consider.  Bitch!" 

I had to read it twice because I thought I was missing something. Why he chose to include bitch I still haven't figured out. Silly seven foot man, maybe the air is thinner up there.

I love these types of responses, so amusing!


Well, Well, look who it is...

No I'm not dead, still here bathing in vanilla and probably will be for the next 3 1/2 months. My baby is leaving the nest soon and I want to soak up as much as I can before my life changes forever. Not only is my baby traveling with a musical group again this summer but he is joining the armed services as a musician. I am happy, sad, proud and everything in between. To realize that a whole 18 yrs has passed as slow as molasses as I was living it but as quick as a blink of the eye as I look back. Like a person who is parched I am drinking every moment in as quickly as I can before its gone.

That is not to say that I haven't been amusing myself. My friend Sky told me that I HAD to tell you about my used car lunch date analogy.

I know this will come as a shock but I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of quality D's in my area. So I went trolling on some vanilla web sites (don't laugh). In my profile I wrote something at the bottom about wanting a man who was in control in and out of the bedroom. Thinking well if I can't have D/s at least I can have someone who is confident (again I don't appreciate the giggling).

So this man answers with a hearty - lets meet for coffee, be here at this time and this place. Now I have to say I was hopeful, here was a guy that just made a decision and went for it.

Lets stop here for a moment and let me explain how I feel about first meetings using the car analogy. I have a used car I want to sell, it has been cleaned out and shined up so that the a prospective buyer will want to drive it. The paint job is great not a speck of rust, the inside is slightly worn but still in good shape, the engine turns over but you can tell that its an older car...the car has been cared for and has a great deal of charm. 

So this guy shows up for our date, no not really a date, more of a first meeting. What's that saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well he's never heard that saying (I will wait why you get out that belly laugh).

The car he was selling hadn't been cleaned out, there were McDonald's wrappers on the floor. The bumper was rusty and I don't think the engines been turned on in a while. Not to mention one of the seats was was tilted forward and needed to be repaired. This man car had no charm, it was a case of false profile advertising.

But what the heck I was already there and I looked great because I had just come from a meeting. So I sat there and waited and I waited but it never came. There wasn't one inkling of confidence in that man, it was like watching paint dry compared to the Dominant men I have been with. I couldn't get away fast enough before he asked me out.

Ohhh one thing I noticed about these vanilla profiles - every guy described himself as - good looking, athletic and have a great sense of humor. They all walk on the beach, understand romance and take bubble bathes. Come on REALLY. If all these guys are so freaking amazing, then why are they on these dating sites? Just a question, lol.

I have a few more to share tiled bitch and yoda dating to the rescue. Soon I promise.