Dating Yoda

This was from my D/s profile. This man read my profile and felt he needed to help me, because he said my wording was threatening. By threatening he meant that I asked for a picture and that if they couldn't provide one then I would chose not to answer.

Dating Yoda: "You might include that you're shallow, superficial and manipulative too, then we would have the whole story, but of course men know this otherwise your profile wouldn't be up for as long as it has been......."

Note - this guy has written me before but I chose to ignore it, but this time I waiting to get my oiled changed and really staring at the people in the waiting area had gotten old, so I decided to play (giggle).

Me: "You don't even know me, why are you so cruel?"

Dating Yoda: "I'm not cruel at all but as I said men do not like women who are shallow, superficial or manipulative of which you are. When you try to make somebody do something by threatening a certain action you're manipulative, and you can give me every excuse in the world because I have heard them all, but men hate this kind of behavior, written and real."

Me: "But why do you care? Why are you commenting on women's profiles?"

Dating Yoda: "You're looking for a man, I'm a man, so I read your profile and of course somewhere near the bottom you have this little threat about submitting a picture. Since it is you doing the looking, and I might be doing the responding, and I base whether I respond or not on what you have to say about yourself and your appearance, it irritates me to the point, since this is an open forum, that when you play games like this, I am going to say something if I don't like it. So not only are you shallow, superficial, and manipulative, but you can't take constructive criticism, you're never wrong, and you can't understand logic or common sense. I would say you wouldn't be high on my want list,and you won't be on another man's list either."

Me: "If a respondent choses not to send a picture then I am letting them know that I will be choosing not to reply.
The point of the profile is not to appeal to everyone, it's to appeal to someone who connects with you. Not everyone is a match."

Dating Yoda: "It is you doing the looking you do the providing. We don't come on here looking to abide to rules, or be manipulated into doing something.We respond based on what you say about yourself and your appearance. It makes absolutely no sense to respond to an ad without seeing who it is that I am responding to. I totally agree on your point as to connecting with each other, and that not everybody is suitable for the other, but I would never, and most men thatI know and talk to about this, abide by a threat that if I don't send a picture you're not responding. On that alone, whatever good there might be about you, and I am sure there is plenty, it would and did kill any want to be with you. I can tell you for sure that any man with intelligence and class will go right by this ad with that kind of manipulation in your writing. Those that do abide by what you wrote are wimps or like to be dominated, and maybe you are a dominant personality, I don't know."

Me: "I have enjoyed your judgmental remarks (leaving me no reason to wonder why you are always on-line looking), thank you for the giggle"

Note: Oil change was done and so was I.

Dating Yoda: "'Im not always on-line looking, if I really wanted to look I would put my own ad in, but it is not hard to be amused by stupid women like you who claim you have all this good about yourselves, and it turns out that you are just blobs looking for a free ride, with no understanding of men, no want to understand men, and then blaming the world for your problems. Giggle all you want my dear, you're alone, I'm not. My girlfriend is actually right here watching as we, you and me, have gone through this little charade. Ta ta......" 

Ladies calm down, he's mine LMAO! RAD (Rent a Dom) you better watch out somebody is moving in on your territory.


  1. I find myself a bit curious as to what one would see if they were provided with a picture of him...I'm thinking that chances are, it wouldn't be pretty lol.

  2. As a man I would guess he has self-worth issues, to be so obviously threatened (by using that word repeatedly he rather tipped his hand) by someone merely requiring a photograph on a D/s profile.

    Dragging out the "girlfriend" at the end was simply the last-ditch effort to reclaim his manhood. The typical manifesto,"I am not trolling to annoy, I really have a woman sitting here"


    Good luck,

    Ps, mouse giggled too

  3. It makes me wonder WHY these (poor excuses for a) man think it is their destiny to "show us the error of our ways" and point out the reasons WHY we Must still be single and online looking for a relationship.

    I can't tell you the number of men's profiles that insist on a photo when replying.

    This guy reminds me of the ones who, when you politely tell them "I don't think we are a match", turn on you and get nasty. Their TRUE colors shine through. This ones a real piece of work.


  4. Wait, wait, mean...just so I'm PERFECTLY clear...

    This guys is SINGLE?!?!

    I couldn't be MORE shocked if I tried.



  5. NEXT!!



  6. Seriously, are they ALL nuts? And people wonder why I don't online date. Between my ex destroying our marriage and getting scammed out of half of my life savings, his sister having two online dates move in and both of them robbed her apartment, and all the lovely examples on blogs . . . uh . . . never.

  7. Ditto with Aisha...NEXT!!!
    Although I do find it funny that he would even write to say those things in the first place. From the sites I have been on in the past, if I saw a profile I didn't like, or that turned me off, I would just comment to myself and keep moving. I never thought about criticizing someone just for the sake of doing it. And these guys wonder why they can't find a suitable partner. LOL!


  8. I am with Omega on this one!
    But isn't it fun to toy with their stupidity sometimes???

  9. i've run into this kind of guy before. it never fails to get under my skin and completely rattle me. i block em, ignore em, do anything i can to avoid em. the level of toxic oozing out w/ each of their words is just too much for me. ugh...