Vanilla gone...insane

I like to save these really great responses just for you guys. This one was from a vanilla guy whose profile didn't match up with mine (negative comments) and who I didn't find attractive. What can I say it happens but I always try to be gracious and say something kind and generic. Its not my fault that he decide to drive over the edge. But then again I do love reading these (giggle) a little too much.

Okie dokie...
I guess good-looking, well mannered men who know what they like are not you're type..
Honestly... I was not really THAT interested, but I figured I'd try to throw ya a bone...
You're just going on looks...
Lol... Ok, whatever...
Did male and female roles change over the past 20 years...
It seems as if women are only going by looks and men are looking for actual DEPTH in a woman..
There are NO women actually looking for an LTR on this site..
They are ALL looking for free dinners, one night stands and sugar daddies..
I give up on this site. To many ignorant, uncaring, non-intelligent, free loading, self-absorbed, "my SHlT don't stink", think their God's gift to the world, finicky, flaky, wanna-be-but-will-never-be-swimsuit model, materialistic, wouldn't know a good man if he came and bit them on the neck, women on here..
They are all looking for the 30 y/o, never married, millionaire, Antonio Banderas looking, Adonis while they're 40ish, divorced (because they think they can still get away with SHlT they used to pull when they were 20ish, hot and single) with three kids....
I'm NOT saying that's YOU.. Just the vibe I get from 99.999% of the women on here..
P.S. I've worked REALLY hard (starting from almost NOTHING) to get where I am today...
(3 bedroom home which I own, Maserati, Harley, etc)
Oh well.. Perfect guy here and you are going on looks alone..
(prepared to be alone for a looooong time)
Damn why did I say no...I could have had it all.

Sadly this is the last  treasure in my in-box, so you will just have to hear about boring stuff, lol.


  1. These guys are killing me! Someone pick me up off the floor...if I can ever stop laughing. LOL! NEXT!!!!

  2. For some reason this one is more annoying than laughable to me. First he says he's well-mannered, then sends this insulting tirade, where he assumes you were "pulling shit" when you were 20ish and hot.

    Ok, seriously, I'm not sure what's more annoying, the assumption that you or any other woman was "pulling shit," or that apparently he thinks you or any of us aren't hot after beyond 20ish.

    First of all, I've never "pulled shit" in my life. I was born a good girl and I stayed one my entire life. That's just the way I am. I don't have any urge toward being bad. It's just not in me to be bad. Good grief, life is difficult enough when you're a freaking saint, because shit happens no matter how perfectly you behave and live your life.

    Second, I have never seen anyone who was at their "hottest" at 20ish. A year past being a teen doesn't hot make. No one looked their best just out of high school No one. No one on the planet. Not only do most of us look way better past 30, but we also, heaven forbid sadly so many men seem to hate this, but we look like ADULTS.

    And if you're looking for a man who is 30ish, it sure beats looking for women who are 20ish. At least you're not looking for someone right out of freaking high school.

    As for wanting them to have money, why would you go to the world wide web looking for a poor guy? If you want a guy who can't afford to buy you a cup of coffee and who wants to move in so you can support him, you can find him everywhere you look. Everyone around me is poor.

    As for me, my man is older than me and even though he's working every minute of the day, he doesn't have a spare cent. Times are very tough.

  3. *giggles*

    so...what exactly did you say to him to provoke (kidding) this response, Bitch?! (i had to call you Bitch from your last post). And to rant like this and then block you from responding - what a coward, a coward with a Maserati, but a coward nonetheless! i'm telling you, you need to write a book with these doozies!

    *hugs and kisses*


  4. OMG, that's so funny/sad/funny/sad/funny...

    Good grief.

    I HATE those kinds of responses! There are enough relationship red flags there to ~ um, to ~ i don't know ~ whatever you could do with a massive number of red flags...



    P.S. i'm sure there will be more in your inbox before too long...

  5. You know how he knows he did nothing but spout off and behave like a dick?

    He blocked you before you got a chance to respond to him.

    He's afraid of a little comeback.

    Every womans dream...a spineless weasel.

  6. Dating sites. Wow.

    I never knew.

    Now I ponder creating my own profile just for the entertainment value... but that would be wrong.

  7. My younger daughter just married a guy she found on a dating site so I know there are some good guys online but they seem to be few and far between.


  8. I think this poser should lend his house, car and motorcycle to the real Doms of the world so We can show our terrific submissives an incredible time at his expense. A wee bit "O" humbling would be a good thing for this guy. Rolling eyes and repeating over and over, WTF and NEXT. LOL