Building Blocks

Thoughts in my brain that only I understand.

On my Want page, I write about finding a Dominant man who balances my love of submission within a loving relationship. A man I feel safe with, who is honest and caring.

When I was a child I had a set of colorful wooden blocks that I would build cities with that stretched out all over the family room. You literally couldn't walk through or you would knock down a wall, which would bring down another part of the city. Building trust to move forward in any relationship is like building a city with blocks.

When you are building a relationship of trust, each block must be carefully placed so that the wall stays strong. If one block gets knocked down then you have to rebuild two other blocks from the damage that is done. The nice part is that hopefully that same block won't be knocked down again. Both will be very careful not to repeat the same mistake.

So when a block does get knocked out of place its nice to have your partner put it back and re-enforce it. Its a great feeling when he hears what is being said and responds positively, showing that he is working just as hard to keep the city from falling down.

It's nice to be heard and know that you matter.


  1. That is so very true sbf, trust is important and finding someone who will take the time and effort to build it requires patience. Rome wasn't built in a day. Alice :-)

  2. NO DOBUT!!! I think it may be the most seductive thing there is. Yes.


  3. Very good analogy , I have to say. =)