Listening to the Universe

Several times a month I meet with people who are just finishing cancer treatments. We discuss their skin, hair and nail issues that come up during and after treatment. They learn how to take care of their skin, put on makeup and how to make time for themselves everyday. They walk in feeling sad and walk out with a big smile on their faces. The difference a couple of hours makes to them is beyond any paycheck I have ever received.

Last time I was with a group we had been speaking about hair and wigs. Some how we got on the subject of men and hair. How some men just refuse to let their hair go, with comb overs and such. I told the group that I thought there was nothing sexier than a man who was bald. A man who had the confidence to own his lack of hair.

It was almost like I had thrown it out to the universe because bald men came out of the wood work. I am on (cough) several dating sites (vanilla and ....) and I'll be damned if I didn't receive 4 separate messages - all from bald men. It was like the universe had said here you go, have a blast. 

After that someone else came back into my life and because I was feeling so open to the letting the universe guide me that I opened the door. This person came back full of words but in the end the actions didn't back them up, so I closed the door. I felt like I was still listening and that this wasn't meant to be. The difference is how I feel...peaceful, about my decision.

All the while I have been open to what is being shown to me, the universe has been sending more into my life and I am absorbing it all, letting it wash over me like a wave of happiness.


  1. That's quite amazing that all of a sudden you started hearing from bald men:).

    Also, I enjoyed hearing about your work with the cancer patients.


  2. She speaks in mysterious ways, Mz. Universe!

    I'm right there with you on the whole "Bald Man" thing...nothing makes my heart speed up like a bare-nekkid Man head!!

    I keep asking Master but he sez "no fucking way nilla"...*laughing.

    Sending "be happy" whammies out to the Universe, heading in your direction!



  3. I agree!! There is nothing sexier than a man that has the confidence to own that he has no hair!!

  4. Bald men are HOT. My DM is not bald but he's hot nonetheless lol

    I am sure your advice and caring for the cancer patients means so much to them. :)

    I firmly believe too in not only the power of the Universe but also that what you give out, you receive back tenfold.

    This is YOUR time!

    Fondly, Sky

  5. i love it when happiness is found from within...when the soul allows the universe to take have faith in the fact that everything happens for a reason, people come into our lives for a reason...all is connected from our being the the universe itself. you, my dear are riding the wave that feels like you are in rhythm with the universe!


    This is also known as doing one's 'Human Revolution' - when a transformation, or new realization hits you that life is precious and should be lived. Just existing is not ideal...being present and being a participant in one's own life with balance and a high life condition is awesome!