I need my house painted, its been a while and the walls need to be freshened up. I hate painting with a passion. I'm not tall enough to reach the highest parts of my walls, even with a ladder (safely). Why the hell, you ask am I telling you this?

I have been reading journals on CM for the past few months and apparently if I were a financial Domme I could get it done for dominating a sub (usually male). Financial Dommes ask for money, gifts and favors  (they are referred to as tributes) from submissives in return for dominating & humiliating them, as far as I can tell. The vanilla version of FD could be strippers at a club. Men give woman money not for sex but for the thought of sex. Seems that most of these FD never meet their subs.

I found a site that had rules for advertising and communicating with others on SubsForDommes. I came across one FD who wrote about how its not as easy being a FD, Pampered Blaire. How it takes work to get to know your slaves, reminds me how I feel about dating - its like having a second job sometimes. Always interviewing, re-interviewing, going through resumes, making sure they know how to operate all the equipment, hands on trials, etc.

I even found a FD support group that helps men break away from domination. He writes about how Financial slavery is a psychological addiction, with characteristics similar to other major addictions, such as porn addiction and gambling addiction.

I am not judging this fetish, just exploring all my options on how to get my house painted.

Now if I could just not giggle every time I have to give an order or humiliate a man I would be golden.


  1. "just exploring all my options on how to get my house painted."



  2. Clearly, I have come at ttwd from all the wrong angles.

  3. LOL - omg, yes. i know just how you feel. There's someone here - where-i-live - in real life - who wants to come clean my house, or my basement, or serve me something. Seriously. he wants to. i just can't do it sheesh.


  4. If ONLY it were that easy!!

    I made the mistake of having a profile name on a vanilla site that was French for Mistress. I cannot begin to tell you how many men approached me thinking I was a Domme Lol

    thanks for the giggle!

    Fondly, Sky

  5. This time, I really have heard everything! I love the picture of the squirrel and thanks for sharing about a fetish I'd not heard of. Blogging is so educational, lol!


  6. LOL - nice idea, flutterby, but not really 'you' :)

  7. "Now if I could just not giggle every time I have to give an order..."

    Just think about how you feel every time you get up a ladder... should quell that urge quite nicely :D

  8. wow they have a support group for this, im amazed, somehow though cant see you in that role sbf..:)

    blossom xx

  9. As usual, you are way too cute! i adore you and enjoy your stories so much! NO, i will not paint for you *giggles* kitten{SirW}

  10. Wolf orders me: You must go and look at sbf's newest post. I think he meant the picture, lol. :-)

    love, squirrel