Small World

I love my job. I get to meet new people, make them feel comfortable and when they leave feel sexy and fabulous. What more could I ask for.

When you enter my treatment room my goal is to make you feel relaxed and try not to focus on the fact that I'm going down under. Think of it as a form of therapy where all your inhibitions are down, trying to focus on anything else but the hair I am removing.

So when I am with a client we talk about anything and everything. Some talk about work, the kids, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, the dog...well you get the idea. I usually walk out of there knowing way more than people imagined themselves sharing. I never share my stories with my co-workers but I do get asked what could possibly be so funny?

My laugh is well...contagious I have been told and I do love to laugh, probably a little too loud.

The other day one of my regular clients came in for his service, bat and balls only. I always tell my male clients that I admire them for stepping up and making life a little less of a challenge for their significant other. Nobody likes hair in their teeth. Now personally I don't need my guy to take it all off but a clean up is definitely in order. I also don't care for super hairy backs, just in case you were wondering guys it makes you look like a brown bear getting ready for hibernation. The chest on the other hand is meant to be hairy unless your posing for a fitness magazine or auditioning for the 50 Shades of Grey FB page (which is nice to look at along with the latest crazy cat pics that everybody's ooohing and ahhing about).

Just a recap...chest hair good, back hair bad and nice trim will get you more bj's (just saying). Oh and guys its alright to freshen up your brows so it doesn't go from one side to the next, there is supposed to be a space in between.

Alright back to my he's on the table and I'm running through the regular talking points about his family, my kids, sporting events, blah blah blah and then I asked the question. Has your wife appreciated your waxing?

A standard question I ask all my clients because most everybody is waxing for somebody. Well the answer that came out was surprising to say the least. Yes his wife loves it, he says and not to give you too much information but we are involved with Domination & submission. At this point, inside I was smiling one of those really huge smiles, like from ear to ear.

Without batting an eyelash I asked and which one are you?

Before I had even asked the question I already new the answer but I didn't want to hurt is feelings if I was wrong but I wasn't. He was the submissive. Immediately my thoughts went to Mick & Molly because their blog is the only one I read that is the opposite, excellent tales of an ever changing relationship.

I could tell he was a little uncomfortable about confiding in me but I placed my hand on his and said I'm a submissive too. He was surprised and happy to have met another like himself. They had been delving into this lifestyle over the last 2 years and he had never spoken with anyone about it, only read about it on the Internet.

We chatted some more and soon he was hair free and our time was up. He sent me an email later expressing his gratitude for handling his outing so gracefully and making him feel so comfortable. All part of the service - hair free therapy, lol!

It really is a small world after all.

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  1. Hee hee! It's always funny how D/s can come up in regular interactions.

    Recently found out that not only did my regular hair salon guy know about BDSM, but he was giving me advice on places to get high grade gear!! Think he has a bit of a pony girl fetish too, and definitely a Dom!

    It's great that people are starting to feel more open about discussing BDSM...and nice to see you posting too!!! ^_^