This posting is about a new friend I made through Fetlife, which I refer to as FB for kinksters the only thing missing is the Like button. One of my goals was to attend a munch and expand my horizons a little. I knew of course that my intense shyness would prevent me from going there by myself and at the time I was single so I set out to find someone who would go with me. I looked through profiles of women in my area on Fetlife, reaching out to friend request them with a message of making friends and expanding my local horizons. One of the woman whose picture just looked inviting and friendly responded back. We exchanged a few messages and she agreed to meet me for coffee.  

We met up at Starbucks, not the one I usually reserve for my other type of coffee dates. Turns out she was in charge of a munch about 30 min away from where I lived. She was just like I thought she would be from her picture, warm and friendly. We spoke openly about experiences and such, while a woman at the table next to us listened intently and pretended to read. "A" invited me to join in the next munch she was hosting and said I could write out the name tags. This way I could see everyone who came in and talk without having to mingle.

I arrived at the munch not knowing exactly what to expect...would there be people there in kinky garb with whips and chains or nakedness on display like in the movies, lol. Nope just comfy clothes, smiles and a hug from "A". She introduced me to a few people as a newbie and then immediately put me to work. I was so grateful to have a purpose which allowed me to interact with the other members and stay in my comfort zone. Turns out that night there were 18 other newbies in the group of 88 attendees. It was fascinating just to watch the different types of people who came in to the restaurant. The group of made of up of all ages, both men and woman, couples and singles, Doms, Masters, subs & switches, all of which shared a common bond through bdsm.

At the sign in table I sat next to a young girl who was a sub in the same household as "A". They have a Master plus several other girls that all live together and the dynamics of this relationship are just fascinating. She was very friendly and when her Master came over to speak with her you could see the adoration in her eyes as she answered him. He was very flirty and I could see why people are drawn to him. Another man I spoke with there in detail was someone who teaches classes with in the bdsm world about relationships. I called him the cruise director because he new everyone, greeting them with a hug. He was one of those people you can just talk to for hours because he's so engaging. At one point a couple from the main restaurant came in to ask what was going on in here, "A" told them it was a performing artists group, LMAO! If they only knew.

The 2+ hours  went by quickly and before I knew it everyone was leaving to attend a play party somewhere, of which I was not going. If I can't go to a munch by myself, I definitely couldn't go to a party by myself, lol. I had a good time interacting with others in the lifestyle and just being around so many was overwhelming to my senses but I am definitely glad I went and I am grateful to "A" for taking me under her wing, making me feel comfortable enough to attend my first munch. Thank you "A".

Today I am thankful for so kids most of all, some of my family members, my friends and everyday I wake up to experience another day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

PS I am also grateful for spell check to keep me from making myself look retarded at least spelling wise :)


  1. Glad you have a lot of fun!! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. whoo hoo looks like you have a brilliant time, well done you for reaching out...i take it this wont be your last one...smiles

    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving..

    blossom x

  3. Glad to hear it went well. good for you for gettingout and going. I know that wasn't easy, but I'm sure you now see it was well worth it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  4. Omigosh, i'm just now seeing this post! i'm so glad you went, and super glad you had a good time!!!



    P.S. Are you coming to the Kinky Bloggers Convention in March?