I'm a Master dammit

This isn't the post I am planning on writing as soon as I wrap my head around it, but this was just too funny to pass up. In the interest of full disclosure I know exactly who this is and this is the same type of message he sent me a year ago, with the same picture. He doesn't know me, he has never seen a picture of me and I have never spoken to him on the phone but he believes that he is the man for me. He is answering an anonymous profile I have with nothing more than a description of a dominant man, 40 or over, tall and stocky.
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master z

but you never give me a shot.  I'm a real master that has owned 24/7 live in slaves.  You keep wasting your time with these men that us you for sex then you neevr see them.  Just because he is older does not make him a master or wiser.  Why wont you smarten up?  What you seek is right here, i cant understand why you choose not too.  Stop with tthe age thing and change your ways.  Its not working for you and i'm 30 not a fuckign kid!

butterfly reply:

I don't know who you think this is but you've got the wrong person. But since you wrote...do you really think that cursing and putting down a woman is the way to get her interested. That's probably why she never wanted you in the first place. In case you didn't realize begging and throwing a temper tantrum is not a complimentary feature for a dominant. If this woman doesn't want to be with you then move on to someone who wants to be with you.

master z

You have no idea what your talking about, and sick of these newbies. First of all nobody put you down or throwing a fit.  BUT you feel the need to tell your self that.  No it is you i just never sent a picture, and you complained i was not 40.  Everything i said is correct.  But i will play the game and call your bluff so i can prove i'm right. ok fine your not her, and ignore what i said.  Your looking for a real master in the life style, well you got him.  Show a little respect and dont you dare tell me about being a DOM.  I have learned from the best back home, and owned slaves.  Just because i'm telling it how it is does not mean i'm crazy or fake.  Your probably a guy or just taking peoples pictures.  All you will do is hide behind the computer and tlak shit.  and for your information i said one curse at the end of the email.  how was that towards you?  I dont beg and you seen my picture i got no problem getting laid.  But it is hard to fine a real person in the life style that likes what i like.  You know nothing about be, and judging me.  When you will probaly pick a guy that just wants his dick suck that is not in the life style.  It might of happne to you, but you will never admit it.  So liek i said you looking for the real thing you got it!

Just to be clear he has no problem getting laid but he can't spell to save his life.


  1. That's funny...and then again it's pretty sad. I agree completely with what you said. If you can't even control your own emotions and your mouth, then how can you expect someone else to let you control them. And all programs have some sort of spell checker...use it. Also, why beg and get mad when someone doesn't want to be with you. IF I am talking with someone who has no interest, then why would I want to be with them myself?!?! This guy has a lot to learn and obviously has no clue how to talk to or deal with people, no less present himself in a respectable and polite manner to try to win over a submissive. Does he really think this approach is going to get him anywhere?!?! I think you are showing respect...to yourself by showing him the door.


  2. LOL a perfect image to illustrate such an imperfect 'Dom' I suspect that there are a great many 'Doms' who hide significant insecurities and throw tantrums when things don't go their way. Fun the read :)

  3. Shock upon shock. An internet "Dom" that is demanding instead of commanding. At least he was entertaining.