I have been reading other submissive blogs and one of the things that was talked about was how did you know you were submissive, think back to your fantasies from when you were younger.

1. I can remember back when I was young playing with my friend that lived near my grandmother. We used to play pirates and I would always be the damsel in distress, I always wanted to be captured and tied up. I can remember laying across a lawn ottoman pretending to be tied to it.

2. As I grew up I remember watching a movie and one of the scenes was the Marque De Sade whipping a girl. Her hands were tied up over her head, suspended from the ceiling but still able to stand on the ground. She had on bodice that came over her shoulders with a corset and he had ripped away her skirt & the back of her bodice and it was just hanging there in shreds. She was enjoying the beating, it seemed to be just the right amount of pain and pleasure because she begged for more and didn't want to be rescued.

3. The other fantasy was being attacked or raped, very taboo in today's society. I didn't want to be hurt for real I just wanted to experience the feelings of being taken and forced. There was also one where the she falls in love with her rapist.

4. Later in life I had the one about two men on hard surface or even the stairs (I must have read about it somewhere). Being completely in the hands of someone else not being able to participate, just used.

5. Being with an aggressive curvaceous lipstick lesbian who dominates and takes advantage of me.  

6. Being fucked by my boss in his office or conference room, not because I want to but because he makes me so I can keep my job.

7. Also for some reason I like it from behind, there is something about that is so erotic. A little hair pulling thrown in for good measure, but that's good anytime.

Things I have discovered I like: no particular order & to be added to as needed

kissing on mouth
kissing on ear
kissing on neck
hair pulling
called a good girl/baby girl/little one
being teased mentally & physically
passionate sex
rough sex
being made love to by a man in control
aftercare (very important)
dom taking control immediately (after we have met)
being on my knees
being used
being taken care of
giving up control in public places
being kissed and touched in public
being reminded where I belong
being restrained
nipple play
ass play
mind fuck
petted after
called slut/whore
being told to be quiet, not make a sound
cuffs (leather)