He held her hand as they walked towards the door, all she could think about was the kiss on the elevator that had left her breathless.  He stopped and turned to her, "Once we enter you realize you will become mine for the night?".  She nodded, feeling the dampness growing between her legs.  He raised an eyebrow and reached up to tweak her nipple.  She quickly said "Yes Sir".

"What is your safe word?", he asked.  "Red Sir", she replied.  "You understand that once you use this word all will stop and you will be held until you are ready to continue, do you understand?"  He asked.  She licked her lips  nervously, "Yes Sir", as she felt her nipples throbbing for his attention.

He removed something from his pocket.  Holding it in front of her he said, "You will wear these while we are together to show your submission to me tonight".   Her eyes opened wide, "Yes Sir".  In his hand were leather cuffs and a matching collar.  He moved closer to her, she blushed knowing he could smell her arousal.  Holding them in front of her he looked into her eyes.  "Kiss them to acknowledge your submission to me, your Sir".  Her lips tingled as she gently brushed against the leather.

"Hold out your hands in front of you", the cuffs felt soft around her wrists as he made sure they were not to tight. Pushing her hands behind her back he fasten the cuffs together.  She moaned as he nipped at her neck with his teeth.  Then he reached up and placed the temporary collar around her neck.  Her eyes glazed over and she felt dizzy as her body flooded with anticipation of what was ahead.  Turning her in front of him, he opened the door and she gasped at what she saw inside as the blindfold came down over her eyes...