• ”someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else
  • A Dominant’s kiss is more than a kiss.  A Dominant has the ability to completely envelop His girl, take her far away from the space and time they presently occupy, and make her feel as if she is surrendering her very soul as she melts into His arms.  He grips her securely, explores her body, and savors her mouth, neck, and breasts as He brings her, aroused and craving, to the fringe of darkness…
  • Respect the woman, desire the slut and cherish the little girl. Then you have the mind, the body and the soul
  • "The best relationships occur when two whole people come together out of a desire to share their full, happy lives with one another. They are people who feel good about themselves yet desire a partner to walk thorough this world with and experience life together"
  • The first time that You take me in that place that no one’s been i want to feel you mark me
    with Your teeth upon my skin i want to hear Your gasp as it mingles with my screams
    exactly just the way that i’ve heard it in my dreams And as You hold me tight and push yourself in slow i want to feel that growl from within, so deep and low Fill me to the brim my cries mixed with Your roars as the smile fills heart and face As You make me truly Yours.
  • If you can’t make a girl feel like your princess, you don’t deserve to make her feel like your slut.
  • To be owned means that:
    I am loved beyond concept of any I have known before.  That I am cherished, protected and treasured above all else in your eyes.
    It means that I know that I am supported in all that I do which will make me strive to be better at all that I do.
    It means that I give up the right to make that final decision but I have the right to voice my opinion.  Hence this works well for me since I don’t like making those decision.  They typically cause me stress
    It means that I am free to just be me and focus on making the cherished ones around me happy.
    It means that my commitment is now to focus on my Master’s happiness and our children.
    It means that my focus is on making your life easier as well whether by keeping the house clean, the kids maintained or the use of my body for your pleasure.
    It means that I accept that my Master will care for me and all my needs.  He will decides which ones are necessary and which are just wants versus needs.  These things can include anything that affects our life.
    It means no matter if I am in your presence or not that I am still yours.
  • when a woman submits its because she has found the strength to do so the belief in herself to take on such a role she can only do so when she feelsunconditional love and soul guiding trust
    she has to understand her purpose and how important she is to Him and how important she is
    to herself
  • It’s hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That’s part of the joy of being a submissive. None of the decisions are yours. When you can’t refuse anything and can’t even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel.” — Cherise Sinclair
  • I never knew what I was looking for until I met you.
  • Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul and I'm yours forever.
  • Slut used to mean shaming women for being sexual.
          Now slut means, I'm a "good girl"...sexy as hell...pleasing HIM, and oh so desirable.
  • The Journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination
  • If a dominant cannot control his own self, how can he ever attempt to have any sort of control his submissive?
  • Every time you cum for me, you submit. You surrender to me. Every time I don't cum, I master myself. I master my self control by claiming your surrender. Its not about controlling you. Its about controlling myself to give you maximum pleasure, to gain your maximum submission.
  • A good Dom:
    Takes His time, savours every moment.
    Thinks ahead, plans what He wants to do, where He wants to go.
    He makes a conscious effort to improve His skills, to become a Master.
    Is the steadfast rock, never loses focus or control.
    Watches His sub, reads her body, her expressions, her reactions.
    Takes note of every sight, sound, taste, smell, texture and touch.
    Takes total control in a respectful and reassuring way.
    Does not allow his sub to hide, He knows her beauty and all of her little imperfections.
    Understands how a woman's body works, and how to get the results He wants.
    He communicates in explicit terms, before, during and after.
    He claims ownership of his sub's body, for His use.
    He shows respect and cares for his sub's body, health and mind.
    He guides his sub to places she has never been before.
    He cherishes her submission.
  • Lessons for a young Dom:
  • 1. A Dom who will not take the time to learn his sub/slave’s passions, build her heat, and inflame her desires, is not worthy of her services.
  • 2. Your hands and fingers should be used to explore her while you observe her reactions. As she becomes more aroused, your tongue will be welcomed in many places. And this, will be what ultimately drives her wild, begging for her sexual release.
    3. All that is pleasurable is not always what excites her, sometimes discomfort and mild pain will arouse her more than any thing else you can do. Short term confinement or binding, light flogging, or stingy-burny sensations, may just be the thing that she needs and wants, some times.
    4. After you have explored every part of her, and nearly exhausted her, then enter her for your own pleasures.
    5. After you have both climaxed, take the time to hold, comfort, cherish, and praise her.
    6. Keep your sub/slave’s interest aroused with new duties, changing environments, and altered routines, keep her guessing what will be next, and always leave her wanting more